We Serve a Variety of Different Types of Clients

Ferland, Ranhoff, & Polygraph Examiner Associates serve a variety of clients. Attorneys utilize our polygraph services regularly. We can often conduct polygraph examinations for criminal defense attorneys confidentially under the protection of the attorney-client privilege right in the attorney’s quiet conference room.

It is our opinion at Ferland, Ranhoff, & Polygraph Examiner Associates that the use of polygraph testing can afford the defense lawyer greater opportunity to serve their client better. Our polygraph examinations are audio-video recorded. A copy of that recording, along with a detailed written report, is provided to the attorney to be used at their discretion. Viewing the recordings provides the attorney clarity as to whether they will have the client take the stand in their own defense or decide whether they will allow their client to submit to a police interview about the matter under investigation.

A truthful polygraph test result has often proven to be a convincing factor for prosecuting attorneys to consider dismissing charges against clients. Particularly when the charging evidence is weak. Many of our defense attorney clients also appreciate that polygraph testing helps to solidify their defense preparation.

Ferland, Ranhoff, & Polygraph Examiner Associates provide polygraph services to State and Federal probation offices throughout New England. We work closely with them and sex offender therapists to help monitor convicted sex offender probationers through their treatment journey while serving probation. Polygraph examinations on these clients are normally conducted every 6-12 months. They have proven to be a successful tool in the probationer’s recovery and protecting the public.

Ferland, Ranhoff, & Polygraph Examiner Associates work closely with municipal, county, and state law enforcement administrators by conducting pre-employment polygraph examinations on their law enforcement applicants. We provide the chief administrators extremely detailed reports shortly after the polygraph examination that are a key source of their background investigation.

Ferland, Ranhoff, & Polygraph Examiner Associates has developed its own polygraph domestic violence offender testing program. This polygraph program is designed to be used similarly to the post-conviction sex offender program. Instead, it focuses on behavior associated with domestic violence.

These polygraph services are provided under the supervision of probation and treatment. Ferland, Ranhoff, & Polygraph Examiner Associates has provided information to this program to several agencies in the United States to develop their own programs to lower domestic violence recidivism.

Ferland, Ranhoff, & Polygraph Examiner Associates has provided polygraph examinations for clients involved in civil issues or clarified some personal issues. We do not provide polygraph examinations regarding fidelity issues in Maine unless it is part of a focus of civil litigation, a criminal investigation, or is conducted as part of post-conviction sex offender counseling.