The Use of Polygraph in Civil Matters

Polygraph testing has been a useful tool in many different types of civil applications. Couples often confer with polygraph experts and want to schedule polygraph testing regarding fidelity issues. Although many couples are convinced that they need polygraph testing to continue with their relationship, we at Ferland and Ranhoff Professional Associates offer a different philosophy. We first suggest that couples invest in professional couple’s counseling to improve their relationship.

Polygraph examiners are often retained to resolve other family issues such as theft of money or jewelry. Families might suspect a close relative or family member that might be struggling with addiction or financial problems. They do not want to file criminal charges with the police, but they want a resolution. We can work with your family to help resolve these types of issues.

Polygraph testing has been useful in resolving other types of civil disputes between consumers and insurance companies. Insurance companies will often hold back payments indefinitely, particularly when they suspect foul play, such as during lengthy arson investigations. We have the experience and expertise to help resolve these types of problems.

Employees that have been falsely accused of wrongdoing at work have found closure with polygraph. We clarify to clients that the Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988 and some state laws have strict rules applying to this type of polygraph testing to protect employment.

Generally, an employer cannot force an employee to submit to polygraph testing, nor can an employee be terminated for failing a polygraph examination. You can contact Ferland and Ranhoff Professional Associates or learn more about polygraph testing through our website here.