Domestic Violence Polygraph Testing

Ferland and Ranhoff Professional Associate’s polygraph examiners have developed a Domestic Violence Polygraph Monitoring Program similar to programs used in several states. We are prepared and committed to helping to lower domestic violence recidivism and domestic violence-related homicide rates.

Our polygraph monitoring program can be implemented either pre-conviction through deferred disposition or post-conviction while the domestic violence abuser is on probation and is in treatment. It’s similar to the Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing examinations offered by Ferland and Ranhoff Professional Associates.

We developed questionnaires and semi-structured interviews to be used by our examiners to completely debrief the domestic violence offender and administer polygraph examinations to determine the domestic abuser’s veracity about their abusive and violent behaviors.

These types of polygraph examinations can be used by Domestic Violence Therapists and Treatment Providers to obtain a baseline for the abuser’s violent history and to determine whether their client is following the conditions of their treatment contract.

Similar tests can also be administered for the Department of Corrections Probation and Parole Officers to determine if the domestic violence probationer is following their probation conditions or are reoffending. Our experience confirms that many domestic violence assaults and homicides may be prevented by utilizing experienced polygraph examiners to help monitor domestic abusers.

The polygraph experts at Ferland and Ranhoff Professional Associates know polygraph screening is not infallible. It should not be used as a stand-alone risk assessment tool but complements the risk assessment process by providing highly accurate information. We do know that proper polygraph monitoring programs give decision-makers more valuable information needed to make better-informed decisions.

We have often heard that no one knew of a domestic violence victim’s circumstances until it was too late. We believe that properly trained, and experienced polygraph examiners can be a voice for the victim. To find out more about implementing our Domestic Violence Polygraph Monitoring Program, you can contact us here.